Yes, #Greece Closer to agreement, negotiations turn suddenly to positive point, Angela Merkel gave a boost

Negotiations for Greek agreement have taken ‘sudden, positive turn’

There has been a sudden, positive change in the Brussels Group, during the final stretch in efforts to achieve an agreement between the Greek government and its partners, a source in Brussels reported on Friday.

According to the source, there were only “very few elements left” on which a substantive solution had yet to be found, so that an agreement can be reached.
These had to do with taxation on property and the size of VAT rates, the source added.
Based on information given to the Spanish newspaper “El Mundo,” German Chancellor Angela Merkel intervened on Friday so that progress would be made and the sides arrive at an agreement.
Earlier on Friday European Commissioner Pierre Moscovici’s spokeswoman Annika Breidthardt had said that discussions at the Brussels Group had been continuing and that “there is not ultimatum about when its work much be concluded”.
Meanwhile European Commission spokesman Margaritis Schinas,  stressed that
all three institutions in the talks were “working on one main scenario,” which was that Greece should remain in the eurozone.
The spokesman had been asked to comment on a statement made by International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde to a German newspaper on the possibility that Greece might exit the euro.
Margaritis referred to a recent interview given by European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker to that effect, in which Juncker noted that the three institutions might occasionally have different viewpoints but a single goal.
Greek sources said that technical talks were held on Friday at various levels, with the negotiations on the level of the Brussels Group resuming in the early afternoon.Same sources said these talks were on issues such as VAT, public administration, pensions and mechanisms to collect public revenue, among others.
The sudden positive turn to talks was announced late afternoon time on Friday, after 15.00 Athens time, on May 29, 2015
brussels group Greece
“Political Solution will mean a techical one”, Greek ministers stated on air today, while, it’s interesting that back on February 20th, when the “bridge deal” had been signed between Greece and the Euro-lenders,  PM Alexis Tsipras had stated “Technical Solution would mean a political one “
 In the meanwhile the “Scotish shower technique” has been “rasping nerves and tolerance” of a whole nation , and the negotiators’ Greek side, as well as the world’s public opinion, which has been fed up with a four months’ no-way-out psychology of a deal between Greece and its lenders, which goes every single day,since the new government’s election, back and forth
Have an idea of this Scotish Taylor-made shower of Greece’s negotiations, just by today’s update of Brussels group as was reported by Guardian

Summary: Greece optimistic, creditors not so much

Time for a recap:

Greece’s top negotiator has predicted that political intervention will be needed to finally close a deal with creditors, as time continues to tick away.

Euclid Tsakalotos told us today that the two sides are converging, but also criticised the International Monetar Fund for being “very very tough”.

In Athens, the Greek government has declared it hopes to get a deal by Sunday.

But creditors have both questioned this optimism; the IMF is insisting on sweeping reforms and credible surplus targets, while the European Commission warns that more work must be done.

In the last few minutes, Christine Lagarde warned that a deal is very unlikely to come soon.

The European Central Bank piled more pressure on, saying that the financial markets could be rocked if the Greek crisis ends badly.

Greece has loomed over a meeting of finance ministers and central bank chiefs in Dresden

Europe’s markets ended the day in the red.

source :ANA/MPA

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