Traveler’s Health Emergency Case in Greece  and the #humantsunami

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Dutch tourist from Kos Emergency Disease sets Greece’s Public Public Health on the Alert


Philanthropy to be sustainable?.. could be, by the tycoons for #Greece

Philanthropy in Ancient Greece

Philanthropy in Ancient Greek means then Love of human , and was the purpose of life of the civilized man

Philanthropy to be sustainable?.. could be, by the tycoons for #Greece.


While #Greece’s heart beats in Brussels, Get a shot of 15 unique #GreekSunsets as you have never seen

Samos island, Aegean Sea25824057Mykonos, Little VeniceIMG_0447

Enjoy our Sunsets Forever Photo Collection, Watch them also on 3D

Sense Greece, This is Greek to me ! Love our Greece, Stay with us 24/7


Trust your basic enstict eye to full-sense what’s Greece

we apologise for not having tagged our photos yes, We ask for your understanding due to the rush for daily updates for Greece, on the ’emergency agreement ” moments the country is facing. Well come back later. Meanwhile, relax, and Sense Greece….by not your eyes only