Meet the Real Meaning of Spartatholon, following the four top runners’ Road to Sparta Documentary

the famous Pheidippides tattoo,earned by Mark Woolley; a gnarly mountaineer who has finished three times the Spartathlon

the famous Pheidippides tattoo

Four runners, one goal Sparta!

THE ROAD TO SPARTA is a short film about four individuals, including the great Dean Karnazes, running the 2014 Spartathlon, a 246 kilometre ultra-marathon between Athens and Sparta.

It will not, however, be a straightforward sports documentary; it is more of an artumentary where sport meets history meets music, a film of brain, brawn and beauty.

Through Dean Karnazes, THE ROAD TO SPARTA will look at the history of the race which dates back to 490BC and the ancient Greek runner Pheidippides while the Greek band Old House Playground will be composing an original score for the film.

“I have been a sports journalist since 1988. During that time I have covered plenty of major events, none bigger than the Olympic Games which took me to Greece in 2004. I was meant to be there for three months: I stayed for five years.
During that time, I discovered the Spartathlon and rediscovered my love for elite sport in its purest sense.
There is no financial reward for winning or competing in the Spartathlon. The runners are motivated instead by the desire to push themselves beyond the safe parameters that most of us tend to build around ourselves.
Some will see them as completely mad; they see themselves as explorers, seeking to find what lies beyond their own perceived physical and mental limitations.

I want to examine those men and women, by watching them through the race and interviewing them before, during and after the race, to see how their minds and bodies react to the intense pressure of attempting to complete the course within the 36-hour time limit.”,  says the producer of the documentary, find more here

Greek Olympic legend Ioannis Melissanidis, now an actor, has also thrown his weight behind the film. He will be the voice of Herodotus.

THE ROAD TO SPARTA is being made as a stand alone film, duration 30 minutes. It is aimed at the Festival market and we are already looking at the Thessaloniki Film Festival as well as the Greek film festivals in New York and Los Angeles. We are also looking at potential television sales.

An entirely independent film, Spender and his director of photography, Roddy Gibson, have worked out a budget of €15,000 to complete the film from the shooting to the editing to making sure that the band get into a decent studio to make the soundtrack.

We are so proud of this initiative! Greek to me !

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Greeks hanging on the No minimum monthly income guarantee among the EU, finding themselves often on survival budget lower than the illicit immigtants in Greece!

Greeks hanging on the No minimum monthly income guarantee among the EU, finding themselves often on survival budget lower than the illicit immigtants in Greece!.