Just like Salomi , Yianis, they are asking for your head…

“Allow me, Yianis Varoufakis is a great asset for our government” , was Alexis Tsipras’ answer to the malicious Greek and international opponents of the Greek Finance Minister. “He has annoyed them because he speaks their language better than they do. He insists on his opinion. But the negotiations do not belong to one person. Yianis is asset for the country …”



Tsipras : Yianis, a great asset for our gov

“Allow me, Yianis Varoufakis is a great asset for our government” , was Alexis Tsipras’ answer to the malicious Greek and international opponents of the Greek Finance Minister, who rushed to spread the news of a “split” between him and the Greek Prime Minister as soon as Tsipras announced the reshuffle of the Greek negotiations group on Monday April 27, after the Riga Eurogroup. The same night, the Prime Minister gave a live interview to one of the least  most credible Greek journalist’s tv show, where also he was questioned live by greek citizens .

Alexis spoke with true appreciation for Varoufakis political contribution to Greece’s efforts for a more humanitarian and growth firendly deal with Europe and made clear that

“Varoufakis is an asset for the country. He has annoyed them because he speaks their language better than they do…

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Greece’s cannibilising jungle syndrom spread in the Parliament, indeed

They use, in Greek, the expression “demonised” to describe the state of anger of a person that sets him out of controll . It takes just a glance on Friday’s Parliamentary session to remember it. You may have a look. The creepy event took place on the very critical moments(again) during which the country was receiving the bitter, -once again, after-taste of Eurogroup negotiations, while the Prime Minister , few hours earlier was meeting with Angela Merckel and announcing afterwards, “we came closer than before”

It is obvious and expressed broadly from the Greeks yet, that the eurozone deal by the memorandum- austerity pressure is much more than a deal, and actually, it is a war. Not just for money, because Greeks are already condemmend to poverty anyway, but of the mind. The very subversive, revolutianry Greek mind, that turns into unpredictable freak when the logic and the soul are squeezed.

For instance, something that Euro-leaders may have not noticed is that the   Greeks have forgotten the once undouptable ” EURO by any means” because the sacrifcies in everyone’s life have already been beyond tolerance. Schocking though is the fact that was revealed the very last days, that the Euro leaders on the negotiations insist -after three monhts of both sides’ “good will”(!)-,  to what the ex governmenet had signed. In simple words, to cut the pensions gradually, to 300 euros for all. Three months before, yes,this was signed by the governmenet of Mr. Samaras, on the famous e-mail Hardouvelis , that tombed finally the ex-govt. Though, the hot information was made known to the Greeks after Alexis Tsipras came back from his last trip to Brussels.

And this, indeed, seems possibly to be the true reason of the Jungle- type performance of the opposition Party in the Greek Parliament .The New Democracy MPs, known to the public as prestigious ministers for years, where screaming though, outrageously to the governing SYRIZA , accusing SYRIZA for bringing the jungle in the  Parliament. Reality was obvious to anyone, at least, because the  Parliament channel was broadcasting live on air .

It is the ex government party that is attacking the newly elected govt of Tsipras, day to day, we should note, by the same ustoppable rythm that the European lenders do that to the Greek soul. It is the New Democracy accusing the three months’ Tsipras government that it is suffocating the patience of the Greeks, blowing up the minds of everyone that way, who very well remember the suffocating pain of five whole years before, where only despair and humiliation was ruling people’s lives .

After the last trip of the Prime Minister to Brussels where he met with Angela Merkel, the real news is that the European “headquarters” do not finally aknowledge that Greece voted for a new government, they insnist on the signatures of the ex-ones, instead, and  they find it very fair to let the Greeks live endlessly from now on on a 300e pension, when each one of them, having worked for all his life, has paid for his insurance deductions at least the double or tripple amount each single month for decades . This way, the Euro doesn’t make any sense for the Greeks, by an augmenting reaction public reaction, we could say, that one easily can check by asking common Greeks on the street.

Interesting is that the Prime Minister’s office had released a suitable  announcement two weeks before, describing, almost proactively to yesterday’s Parliament event,  the “jungle -provoked climate” in Greek political life and the media, by GabrielSakellaridis, Alexis Tsipras’ spokesperson .

sakellaridis“…For days now, there is a climate of generalized terrorhysteria cultivated by the Opposition Party and the media, presenting democracy in a  state of siege

… but both the “reality” TV, and  the far-right rhetoric of Mr. Samaras are in complete variance with objective reality. ”

“After all, we all live in the same country”, Gabriel Sakellaridis had said

It takes arrogance to cheat shamelessly the minds of the Greeks, and unstoppably, isn’t it? History has proved that, at least .

Look down the Aegean , this is a Human tsunami, and the 10 points of EU to protect the West

the human tsunami on the islands you ever dreamt of…

Look down the Aegean , this s a Human tsunami, and the 10 points of EU to protect the West.


We lost a valuable friend of Greece, by Nobelist Grass’ death, said @atsipras

anergia-660_0_3“..Antigone defied you wearing black

and all over the country,

the people whose guest you have been

wear mourning clothes …”

German Nobel laureate for Literature, Günter Grass (84) had warned , back on June 2012, -three years before his recent death- that Europe should be soulless without Greece, if it were to leave,  as Greece was the one that  had dreamed up the European idea .

The poem whose words spread all around the worLd since then, by the title “Europe’s Shame”,  is aN EVER UPDATED harsh criticism of Europe’s policy towards Greece. Because NOTHING HAS CHANGED  eversince

“Greece as a country without rights, the self-opinionated power

ties the belt tighter and tighter”.

SisterDespina89yOrthodoxNunGreece“Near the chaos,

because the market is not just,

you are far away from the land,

that lent you the cradle.”

 “As debtor placed naked on the pillory, a country suffers…..”

“Drink up, at last, drink up your hemlock, the EU commissioners urge,

but Socrates returns the over-brimming cup”

Obviously Gunter Grass  was the first ,- and only – Nobel mind  that had dared to speak straight to the Europeans of What makes them soulless, the ignorance of the term humanitarian, exactly what today’s Greece’s leaders continuously try to make the Euro-leadres understand, pronounce, accept, but unsuccessfully with no response at all.

Guenter Grass’s loss concerns all European citizens, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said in a statement on Monday April 13, 2015, expressing his grief over the German novelist’s death.

“Today we lost one of the reference points of the European culture; and Greece lost a valuable friend who did not hesitate to stand by the Greek people during the difficult times of the economic crisis when the stereotypes against Greece were at their peak,” Tsipras said.

“Guenter Grass was not only the Nobel laureate virtuoso of speech but also the combative intellectual of the democratic and social commitment” and noted that “his ‘tin drum’ is the indelible landmark of the European political and anti-fascist literature.”

Grass, the Nobel Prize-winning novelist who wrote “The Tin Drum”, died on Monday at the age of 87.  On his poem for Greece’s austerity, Grass’s intervention had followed, back on 2012, he uncompromising words of IMF head Christine Lagarde, “that Greeks should pay their taxes in full, adding that the full force of her sympathy was directed elsewhere than Athens. “I think more of the little kids from a school in a little village in Niger who get teaching two hours a day,  she said. “I have them in my mind all the time. Because I think they need even more help than the people in Athens.”

Greeks still have to pay in full. No matter that more than 65% of schoolchildren are fainting or craving food

No matter that hundreds of elderly have died silently  from despair and poverty, wounded from their dignity violently taken away , while the Samaras government was boasting for a success story that was all fake. No matter that still,  walking in the streets of Athens one stumbles on desperate, hungry bodies, remains of an once descend life . No matter that businessmen, still  blow still their minds off, in their shops , in the center of Athens



the Greek Easter

Holly Friday, Big Friday, Corfu island

Follow the very Greek to me ! very  Greek Easter Special Page and sense the Pathos of these sacred moments just by a glance…

Happy Easter to every body

Kali Anastasis!

the Greek to me team

Holly Friday, Easter 2015


What the Samaras’ plea to Putin for cheap gas was, one year before

Samaras- Putin, with Samaras waiting for a look of the the Russian President, who is waiting for a handshake with someone else

Samaras- Putin, with Samaras waiting for a look of the the Russian President, who is waiting for a handshake with someone else

Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, was not invited to Moscow during his governance, but had asked for, and made finally real, a meeting with the Russian President Vladimir on the sideline of a meeting in Brussels, during which Samaras had asked the Russian President “to lower the prices that Greece pays for Russian gas”, but didn’t get a commitment.

The two men had met in Brussels after Samaras addressed a Business Europe conference and Putin had met with European Union officials, at the end of January 2014 (27/1/2014), one year, exactly, before, the 2015 elections that brought Alexis Tsipras to Greece’s governance.

With Greece in the seventh year of a deep recession and a lingering economic crisis – and after the Russian gas giant Gazprom last year pulled out of a bid at the last minute for Greece’s gas company DEPA – Samaras had said oppenly that he was concerned about the cost of natural gas and reportedly said it wouldn’t pay more than $400 per 1,000 cubic meters.

It was reported that Putin hear Samaras’ plea,  as the greekreporter had wrote, but the Russian Presidentt had only said he would think about he request.

Right after that meeting, Samaras stated to the media that the prices Greece have been 30 percent higher than the European average, but “Greece”, Samaras had emphasised, “doesn’t have any current alternatives and is reliant on the Russian source”. “My country is currently coming out of a six-year recession and low energy prices from Russia are crucial to our recovery,” Samaras said.

He also tried to rekindle interest from Russia according to those days’ press reports, in the sale of the money-bleeding Hellenic Railways Organization (OSE) and Thessaloniki port as Putin had said he was still mulling the purchase of OSE as part of Greece’s privatization push under duress from its international lenders, the Troika of the European Union-International Monetary Fund-European Central Bank.

Putin, however, wanted Greece to sell OSE and the port of Thessaloniki in one package and one bid, which the government of Antonis Samaras had said it wouldn’t do, potentially scaring off a deal.

15 months later, Tsipras -Putin signing a two countries Memorandum. Go to our earlier story

15 months later, Tsipras -Putin signing a two countries Memorandum. Go to our earlier story


#Greece did sign a #memorandum with #Russia, indeed


What the two leaders singed

  • Greece and Russia signed the Memorandum of   “2016: Year of Greece-Russia relations,” a program of bilateral actions for 2015-2016, which President Putin described right after.

“The program will include cultural events, which will encourage the dissemination of the Russian language in Greece and the Greek language in Russia”

Also, events will take place, dedicated to the 1000 years of Russian presence in the Holy Mountain. With the Government of Greece, we agreed to jointly contribute to the celebration of this anniversary. It is gratifying that our regional cooperation is  strengthened

Enhanced will be the contacts in the tourism sector also. Greece is a holiday destination for Russian tourists. Last year more than 900,000 Russian citizens visited Greece,  said on the Press interview Vladim Putin.

  • The two leaders also, singed also a common official announcement for the 70 years since the end of World War II that will be celebrated in Moscow next month. Alexis Tsipras  was invited to be present on that celebration, earlier before his trip , so this (second) visit of the Greek leader to Moscow on May 9,  is sealed now with the signatures of the two.

 What did Tsipras make clear

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    Hours before Alexis Tsipras meeting with Vladimi Putin, this is how Claus Stuttmann pictured “Greece in Moscow” in the German Paper Tagesspiege.

    Let me make it clear, Part one

” We are not beggers, ‘Greece is not a beggar’ we did not come to Moscow to ask for Financial aid”

Putin also, confirmed after the meeting that Greece did not ask for help.

  •  let me make it clear, part two

ΡΩΣΕΛ   “Greece is a sovereign state”


  • let me make it clear , part three
“Yes,we do seek economic alliances wherever Greece’s interests lie”
  We respect our commitments to the international organizations we’re a part of, but seek to explore all international opportunities.

Let our ties bloom, this is a new Spring of the Greek-  Russian  Relations

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras characterised a “Spring’s new blooming”  the restart of the Greek -Russian relations on his first official visit to Moscow on Wednesday, the so controversially commented visit of the Greek leader to Kremlin, that comes amid the peak point of agony on Athens’s talks with the European Union for  the urgently wanted funding for Greece  .

Welcome Comrade, “just on time”

Welcoming Mr. Tsipras to the Kremlin, Russian President Vladimir Putin said the trip “comes at exactly the right moment ” , while the Greek Prime Minister twitted just after

Alexis Tsipras@tsipras_eu

At this morning’s meeting w/ we created a new foundation for Greek-Russian relations.

 A tricky, though coincidental, timing that let the European finance ministers’  conference call for the aproval or not of Greece’s current list of promised reforms as to merit the rest of the bail-out funds available, coinciding on exactly the moments that Tspiras and Putin were posing for the global press….. Oh, yes.

Sancions revive the Cold war, lead to nowhere

Without mentioning either the EU or the US,  Alexis Tsipras repeated a position he has previously expressed that these sanctions lead to nowhere and do revive the Cold War climate.

He added that a common solution must be found on the basis of the Minsk peace summit, which has to involve Russia, this is obvious, Alexis said . The Greek Prime Minister talking on the Press conferrence  empahsised that  Russia cannot be out of the Minsk peace summit

To EU partners’ concerns of closer Russian ties

“I want to assure you that we do not aim to use any internal European Union situations to improve ties with the European bloc as a whole. We want to work with the whole of united Europe,” Putin said.

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras replied to the warnings of EU leaders against stronger ties with Russia by saying that Greece is a sovereign state.

Germany has no reason to believe Greece has changed its stance on supporting Russian sanctions, a German foreign ministry spokeswoman had said while the meeting in Moscow was taking place .

On Wednesday April 9, morning, the Times had written  “Tsipras Plays Russian Roulette on the Greek Debt.”

Putin : We cannot exempt Greece from the food  embargo

Russian president Vladimir Putin defined during the  joint press conference with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras,  that Russia cannot exempt Greek agricultural products from the embargo it has imposed on such products from the EU and other countries.

“We understand that…half of Greek exports to Russia involve farm products, but we cannot make an exemption for those,” Putin said in response to a question.

Earlier, Tsipras had said that one of the major goals of his visit to Russia was about a more balanced trade relationship, which currently is heavily in Russia’s favor.

Russia was a Greece’s leading trade partner before the sanctions , while now the trade activity has dropped by 40%.

A partial lift , may be?

A day prior to the two leaders’ meeting, on Tuesday April 7,  Russia’s Agriculture Minister had said that Moscow could consider removing Greece, Hungary and Cyprus from its ban

After the meeting of the two leaders, the Independent, indeed, wrote :

There are also predictions that Russia could at least partially lift Russia’s ban on EU food imports for Greece in return for a part in the privatisation of Greek assets. Greek fruit, vegetables and cheese might be allowed into Russia while Russia might get to bid on Greek infrastructure

Putin also said Russian companies are in talks to takeover Russian ports in Thessaloniki.

Trade balance Yes, by Projects for energy. Greece’s own Greek stream

Mr Putin called for trade relations to be restored to their previous level, and said the two leaders discussed “various ways of cooperating, including major projects in energy”.

“Under these plans, we could provide loans for certain projects. This is not about aid but about financial cooperation in major projects,” Mr Putin said.

One of those plans is for a pipeline called “Turkish Stream”. The aim of Greece part os to build its own pipeline as  to channel natural gas from the Turkish-Greek border into Greece.

” On the Greek territory, this would not be called the Turkish stream. It wil be the Greek stream, let’s make it clear from the outset”,

Tsipras emphatically underlined  to the international press, and especially to the greek press representatives, who kept asking the provocative questions their greek media ususally adopt, still, while  being in the Kremlin Press room …..



A “civilised” food embargo ease, is this the story of the warm Tsipras’ wellcome in the “cold” Kremlin?

1000CCDjVIaUoAAtohLCCEKYmQWEAA_yX2.jpg largeCCEMHsjUIAEhzrI.jpg large35f071d5-e9a6-492b-bcf3-636d8f3b44dc-2060x1236 CCDmhyyWAAE-1II.jpg large

The  food embargo ease , is it true?

An agreement to ease food embargo for Greece is the Headline story in Greece these moments, even on News of the GreekState Television TV NERIT .

Talking to the Russian and international Press, Wednesday 8/4/15 morning, while Alexis Tsipras had already arrived in Moscow, the Kremlin spokesman, according to the Tass News Agency did not rule out that the food embargo issue could be also discussed.

“We cooperate in agriculture, and we can fix a decline in trade in this sphere linked to the forced introduction (by Russia) of retaliatory measures (against EU sanctions) in regard to a number of goods,” Peskov explained.
“We assume this issue will be raised (at the talks) this way or another,” Peskov added.

In mid-March, Russian Agriculture Minister Nikolay Fyodorov said that his ministry was studying a “civilized reply” to a request by some European countries to allow them to supply fruit and vegetables to Russia.

n mid-March, Russian Agriculture Minister Nikolay Fyodorov said that his ministry was studying a “civilized reply” to a request by some European countries to allow them to supply fruit and vegetables to Russia.

He said the sides were carrying out “an intensive discussion on the possible options” and these countries include Greece, Hungary and Cyprus.

Speaking on Russia’s food embargo on agricultural products, the Greek government official spokesman, Gavriil Sakellaridis, said during the visit some existing issues could be resolved and this would provide immediate support to the Greek economy.

Here is  What you need to know , wrote Russia Today on THIS MORNING’S UPDATED ARTICLE for Alexis Tsipras meeting with Vlamir Putin that takes place on this very moment

 Rumors have been abuzz that Athens and Moscow are plotting a secret bailout ever since the idea was first floated by Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov days after the Syriza party won the elections in January. Russian daily Kommersant reported that Moscow is ready to offer indirect financial help, citing an unnamed government source.
“We are ready to consider the issue of allowing Greece a gas discount: under the contract, the gas price is linked to the oil price that has gone significantly lower in recent months,”Kommersant cited a Russian government source as saying.
“We are also ready to discuss the possibility of allowing Greece new loans. But in turn we are interested here in reciprocal moves, in particular in terms of Russia getting certain assets from Greece,” the source added, without specifying the sort of assets he was talking about.

tsipras2tsipras12 ts1 tsipras4tsipras3_abp218314284331171_abp21831428433117

Furius Eurozone

On the  Regional German newspaper Muenchner Merkur today’s published article also, the European Parliament President Martin Schulz warns the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras not to break with the European Union line on sanctions toward Russia.

“Greece demands and gets a lot of solidarity from the EU. We can therefore also ask for solidarity from Greece and for this solidarity not to be ended unilaterally by pulling out of joint measures”, Schulz said on this “interviwed” warning to Greece’s new leader.

We made It clear to Alexis Tsipras in several discussions” Schulz said, adding that ““He should base his actions in Moscow on that. The EU expects that from him as the head of government of an EU member state.”

The  EU Parliament President’s political interference on Greece’s internal politics

  • From the throne of the president of the EU Parliament, Martin Schulz, has aslo ” advised ” in his way Alexis Tsipras to change his governmenet coalition, and put Stavros Theodorakis in the place of Pannos Kammenos, who, Schultz openly said, would like much more… At the mid- March, once again, talking to a german newspaper the Frankfurter Allgemeine., Marti Schultz had said that “he thinks the coalition of left and right-wing parties in the Greek government is not working
“I think the current coalition of the left party with these right-wing populists is a mistake,” Schulz told the  The radical leftist Syriza, the party which swept to victory in January and which Tsipras leads, governs Greece with the right-wing Independent Greeks.

Answerig to this obvious political interference, the Independent Greeks leader, Panos Kammenos – Greece’s defense minister –  accused Germany of  interfering in Greece’s domestic affairs , adding also about Germany’s Finance Minister

“It’s like a psychological war, and Schäuble is poisoning the relationship between the two countries through that,” Kammenos has told Germany’s “Bild” daily.

CCDjVIaUoAAtohLTsipras’ second trip to Moscow  one moth ahead

By the way, the Greek Minister Defence will be next to Alexis Tsipras, during the second Prime Minister’s offical visit to Moscow in May 9, where they are invited to  “take part in the big Russia’s Anniversary event marking the victory over Nazism”, the Bloombrg has wrote

Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov has reminded today talking to the Tass, that  “this will be a working visit and working talks.” He added that on May 9 Putin and Tsipras plan another meeting that will have a “ceremonial and memorial part devoted to the Victory Day.”

Schulz, Schauble on ReparatIons, hours before Alexis’ trip to Moscow

  • Schulz recently also criticized  Greece’s  demand for Germany to pay 278.7 billion euros in reparations over the Nazi occupation of Greece during World War Two.

“I think it’s counterproductive to mix these emotionally charged issues with the current financial crisis in Greece,” he said, adding he shared Berlin’s opinion that the reparations issue had already been dealt with politically and legally.

Germany’s economy minister, also, on Tuesday, April 7,  characterized Greece’s reparations demand as “stupid” . The German opposition, though, has said Berlin should repay a forced loan dating from the Nazi occupation.

k. tsipras ssss

Bring back our Happiness

The poorest 20% of Danes are more joyful than the richest Greeks, as shown by the 2013 Euros survey . On the recent OECD survey on Life satisfaction Greek citizens are the most unhappy group in 36 OECD countries, and more …



The poorest 20% of Danes are more joyful than the richest Greeks…!

The recent OECD survey on Life satisfaction revealed -since the end of last year- that Greek citizens are the most unhappy group in 36 OECD countries When asked to rate their general life satisfaction withon a scale from 0 to 10, Greeks gave it a 4.7 grade, the lowest score in the OECD, where average life satisfaction is 6.6.

 The Top- on- Unhappiness Greece’s statistics are, lately, repeatedly updated and confirmed

20150328_gdc662Greece at the Bottom o Happiness List, by Eurostat

The sun-soaked horizons do not necessarily equal happiness, as this years’ Eurostat’s research  survey for Happiness demonstrates.

  • The Scandinavian nations of Denmark, Finland and Sweden all topped the list in the overall happiness stakes with 8.0 out of 10Eurostat figures from 2013 that were released yesterday show.
  • The unstable economies of Mediterranean nations

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