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Bounce Back Greece!


Vladimir Putin’s visit coincides with a period during which “Greece has turned a page and looks to the future with optimism”, said Greek Prime Minister .

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Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs officialy denies FT article about “liaisons” of the new Greek F.A. minister with Russian professor


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Greece officially denied by declaration “the unsubstantiated claims of the Financial Times article published on January 28, refering on liaisons between the new Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias and the Russian professor. Aleksandr Dugin. The Article writes the bogus claim that Mr. Kotzias had invited Mr. Ntougkin to an academic event of the University of Piraeus”.

“As, also officialy, the Piraeus University, by its part, has denied such claims by a separate announcement, published by its Academic credibility and accuracy, Mr. Kotzias never invited Mr. Ntougkin for any speech, and never. as falsely stated in the article, went to Moscow to meet him.”

“The article states also falsely that an official declaration was sought by the authors, and that was denied or never made from the Greek Foreign Affairs Minister’s side”.

“We notify that the Elementary, even, level on the Ethics of Journalism requires the crossmatching, intersection and verification of facts and arguments before publication, especially of such unsubstantiated information, which succeed , though, to be reproduced on the internet and other media, creating false and unwarranted impressions”