This is our Great #Greek Surplus, said @tsipras holding the #refugee kids in his arms 

“We open our arms, on these very moments, to those who are the weak, and I believe this reflects the feelings of the vast majority of the Greek people. Despite our difficulties we keep an attitude of dignity, and this is much greater wealth and much larger surplus ….”

On the same moments thousands of refugees are left freezing in tents in the snow, due to “Greece’s mismanagement of funds” wrote the Guardian

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We plan special campaigns and travel programs for the islands especially hit by refugee flows said @tsipras_eu


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Alexis Tsipras(right) , Nikos Hatzinikolaou (left), on air, Star channel

Talking live on Star Channel TV and  Nikos Hatzinikolaou show, the Greek Prime Minister undelined that Tourism is in the heart of the government’s priorities, and especially the islands and areas that have been hit by the refugees flows numbers at most.

Alexis Tsipras assured that all the measures will be taken to protect the tourist activity in Greece and especially the first receptor areas, the islands of Aegean.

Prime Minister stated that his office, and personally him is in close contact with the Ministry of Greek Tourism, and the Minister Elena Koudoura, as well as with the Mayors of the islands to find in common the proper solutions and action plan demanded to aware the travel community and travelers to Greece  on the safety of their travel, and more, he said, to give them a reason why to visit these isles, that gave the paradigm of humanism to a changing Europe

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Greek Minister of Tourism Elena Koudoura, by Lesvos, Mytilini port background


Alexis Tsipras also clarified that Greece’s position was pro FRONTEX and NATO presence in Aegean as to support , but also confirm to the international community that Greek borders  are properly guarded by Greece


It’s a lean life ,Greeks, but a life with Pride…. Alexis , by a tear, on his first smashing appearance in Palriament presenting the govt. Plan

               Alexis tear

Alexis let a tear appear on his face on his Premiere in the Greek Parliament as a Prime Minster, presenting his Government Plan. A plan for the Pride, as he said.

One could “tag” Alexis Tsipras Left Government Plan as a

“Glasnoste, … and Emergency Response combination” A strategy plan to respond to a community- in- crisis prioritising on the needs of the more vulnerable ones first, and escalating these priorities according to the Urgent societies. A Plan, finally, that is a Crisis & Emergency Response Plan.

and on the same moment, a Plan designed to transform the deficiencies and malpractises of the state to an “open- source- fair” community aimed to apply, finally  in this country, the so violated social justice.

That’s the new reality for Greece’s next day, just described, in steps by Alexis Tsipras ,who was more confident today than ever.

“We will not Sell our Greece” Alexis said, while presenting a what he called an Emergency Relief Program for the austerity hit part of the population- (that is extensive in numbers-,) and on the same time a strict approach to the privileged and the rich of nowadays people in Greece, which are called to pay definitely more, more equitable, and more transparently, for now and yesterday.

Auctions of the first residence of any household are not allowed, since now, said the Prime Minister, providing the immediate relief to some million Greeks, which are going sleep today, (after years, some of them) happily eased.This is definitely a smile on the face of the hurted Greeks, and they are many, on this time speaking

Alexis obviously soothed the hearts of the Greeks today, but he was empathetic on a maximum level, with a clear heart to the Greeks, and Greece, and a clear glance in his eyes. Concluding his speech, he could not hold some few tears.

Proudly describing every part of his program, the Prime Minister emphasized the built up of a solidarity response in the community, form Politicians to the people and from the people-to-people  interaction chain  

A slap on the face of oligarchs, of the media owners also, of the National Intelligence Agency employees. It is clearly a Radical program, and a Soothing one as well .

“We make our dream come true. A reality”,were among his first words.

“We have a realistic Program, we have a Strategic for negotiations, we have no obligations but just one: bringing back the dignity to the Greek people’s everyday life. We keep high our Pride.”

Two weeks after storming to power, Alexis announced to the Greek MPs , but primarily to the Greek people, a No to oligarchy, and No to a spoiled life. 

“Let’s start from the Politicians”, the Prime Minister said.

“Members of the Parliament, no longer have a driver and a car. They can afford their car..”

. It’s a left government, indeed .

Alexis Tsipras’ government plan has for step A the immediate easing priorities for the humanitarian crisis .

“But we have a duty to our History , said Alexis Tsipras, to demand then post-war Germany’s reparations burden, for our Greece’s Pride.”

20 minutes ago , this was the Athens AFP report

Athens (AFP) – New Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said Sunday Athens did not want an extension of its bailout but insisted on the need for a “bridge programme” which would buy the country time to negotiate a new deal.

“The new government is not justified in asking for an extension of the bailout. The Greek people gave us a mandate to cancel the disastrous austerity programme,” he said in a key policy speech to parliament.

“We want a new deal, a bridge programme which would give us the fiscal space that a sincere negotiation requires,” he said.

The PM, speaking just days before an extraordinary meeting of eurozone ministers in Brussels, said the government would “respect eurozone rules but would “not condemn the Greek economy to an eternal recession.”

He stressed “the government’s unshakeable decision to honour all our pre-election promises,” saying it was “a matter of honour, credibility, and respect for democracy.”

Speaking to fears the new government’s stand against austerity could see Greece exit the eurozone, Tsipras said the country intended to honour its debts.

“Greece wants to service its debt. If our peers want so too, they are invited to come to the table of dialogue so we can discuss how to make it viable,” he said.

As a symbol of the new government’s shift away from austerity, the 40-year old said he would re-open ERT public television, which was closed in 2013 by the previous government in a bid to save money.

ERT would be re-opened to “repair a crime against Greek people and democracy,” he said.

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