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John Kerry called to express support, White House standing by Greece’s efforts, step-by-step

On the peak of the negotiations for the poor Greece, while Greece was trying to position itself on a fair play on the euro table,  the Obama administration has leapt to the defence of Greece, warning Germany and European creditors.

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The US deputy-national security adviser said the eurozone authorities had imposed the main burden of adjustment on the weaker deficit states and should do more to accept their share of responsibility for the euro crisis.

Mrs Atkinson described Europe’s insistence on structural reform rather than stimulus as a false dichotomy since one compliments the other. “You need both,” she said, arguing that a culture of “reverse fiscal dominance” had taken hold as countries become overly alarmed by debt burdens

“They have asymmetric rules. They need to make it socially fairer,” she said.

The US administration does not share the widespread view in Europe that there is little risk of contagion if the European Central Bank cuts off liquidity support for the Greek banking system and forces the country out of the euro, the Telegraph underlines in its recent article .


Late Saturday night, on February 14th, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry called  the Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs in Athens, Nikos Kotzias in light of the recent Minsk agreement, but to openly express also the support of the U.S. for the success of the efforts of Greece with its European partners, to find a mutually acceptable programme for exiting the crisis.

Since the early moments of Tsipras election, there has been a buzz on the “mediator role” the White house had announced its intention to play. The   Washington-based Greek journalist Michalis Ignatiou had wrote: “The White House intents to assume the role of mediator in order to solve the differences between Greece and its European partners.

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The White House representative received the following question, Ignatiou’s article wrote: “This week, the Greek government is holding talks with the Europeans. Yesterday, the White House issued a statement regarding the United States President’s conversation with the new Greek Prime Minister. What is the White House reaction to the new Greek government’s statement that it will not work with the IMF and the European lenders to lengthen the repayment?”

The White House spokesperson replied as follows:

“I have no particular reaction to that statement. In general, I can say that the President telephoned Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras earlier this week, because as you know, the US is working closely with the EU and the Greeks for many years in an attempt to resolve the economic and financial instability we have seen in Europe. And therein, this instability has implications and consequences on both the United States and the global economy. Therefore, we will continue to work closely with the European Union, and that means working with the new Greek government, trying to resolve these differences and restore Greece, Europe and the global economy to growth and prosperity, because ultimately this will be to the best interest of the US economy.”

Concering the recent Greece’s position on the sanctions to Russia,   State Department spokesperson Jennifer had said on January 30:

“I do not think we’re at the point of concerns” when she was questioned whether there is any concern of the US government about the Greek new government ‘s posistion for Ukraine, regarding the “unity of the EU, especially in relation to the penalties for Ukraine “.
“The new Greek government, I would say, is only a few days old, and obviously”, she said, we expect to have talks with a number of countries. There have been as you know in the past, talks and discussions about what is beneficial or not for the decisions taken with regard to the EU sanctions. So, this is not unusual, “added the spokesman of the US FM. Ms. Psaki, “However”, she stated, “the discussions on the European Union sanctions against Russia ‘are made within the EU “.

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The head of the International Monetary Fund Christine Lagarde last week , after her first meeting with Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis praised the knowledge and competency of the Greek officials. She said they had an excellent talk with the Finance Minister.

“They are competent, intelligent, they’ve thought about their issues. We have to listen to them. We are starting to work together and it is a process that is starting and is going to last a certain time,” Lagarde told reporters on entering the  meeting of euro zone finance ministers devoted to Greece, Wednesday February 11th