#Greece did sign a #memorandum with #Russia, indeed


What the two leaders singed

  • Greece and Russia signed the Memorandum of   “2016: Year of Greece-Russia relations,” a program of bilateral actions for 2015-2016, which President Putin described right after.

“The program will include cultural events, which will encourage the dissemination of the Russian language in Greece and the Greek language in Russia”

Also, events will take place, dedicated to the 1000 years of Russian presence in the Holy Mountain. With the Government of Greece, we agreed to jointly contribute to the celebration of this anniversary. It is gratifying that our regional cooperation is  strengthened

Enhanced will be the contacts in the tourism sector also. Greece is a holiday destination for Russian tourists. Last year more than 900,000 Russian citizens visited Greece,  said on the Press interview Vladim Putin.

  • The two leaders also, singed also a common official announcement for the 70 years since the end of World War II that will be celebrated in Moscow next month. Alexis Tsipras  was invited to be present on that celebration, earlier before his trip , so this (second) visit of the Greek leader to Moscow on May 9,  is sealed now with the signatures of the two.

 What did Tsipras make clear

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    Hours before Alexis Tsipras meeting with Vladimi Putin, this is how Claus Stuttmann pictured “Greece in Moscow” in the German Paper Tagesspiege.

    Let me make it clear, Part one

” We are not beggers, ‘Greece is not a beggar’ we did not come to Moscow to ask for Financial aid”

Putin also, confirmed after the meeting that Greece did not ask for help.

  •  let me make it clear, part two

ΡΩΣΕΛ   “Greece is a sovereign state”


  • let me make it clear , part three
“Yes,we do seek economic alliances wherever Greece’s interests lie”
  We respect our commitments to the international organizations we’re a part of, but seek to explore all international opportunities.

Let our ties bloom, this is a new Spring of the Greek-  Russian  Relations

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras characterised a “Spring’s new blooming”  the restart of the Greek -Russian relations on his first official visit to Moscow on Wednesday, the so controversially commented visit of the Greek leader to Kremlin, that comes amid the peak point of agony on Athens’s talks with the European Union for  the urgently wanted funding for Greece  .

Welcome Comrade, “just on time”

Welcoming Mr. Tsipras to the Kremlin, Russian President Vladimir Putin said the trip “comes at exactly the right moment ” , while the Greek Prime Minister twitted just after

Alexis Tsipras@tsipras_eu

At this morning’s meeting w/ we created a new foundation for Greek-Russian relations.

 A tricky, though coincidental, timing that let the European finance ministers’  conference call for the aproval or not of Greece’s current list of promised reforms as to merit the rest of the bail-out funds available, coinciding on exactly the moments that Tspiras and Putin were posing for the global press….. Oh, yes.

Sancions revive the Cold war, lead to nowhere

Without mentioning either the EU or the US,  Alexis Tsipras repeated a position he has previously expressed that these sanctions lead to nowhere and do revive the Cold War climate.

He added that a common solution must be found on the basis of the Minsk peace summit, which has to involve Russia, this is obvious, Alexis said . The Greek Prime Minister talking on the Press conferrence  empahsised that  Russia cannot be out of the Minsk peace summit

To EU partners’ concerns of closer Russian ties

“I want to assure you that we do not aim to use any internal European Union situations to improve ties with the European bloc as a whole. We want to work with the whole of united Europe,” Putin said.

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras replied to the warnings of EU leaders against stronger ties with Russia by saying that Greece is a sovereign state.

Germany has no reason to believe Greece has changed its stance on supporting Russian sanctions, a German foreign ministry spokeswoman had said while the meeting in Moscow was taking place .

On Wednesday April 9, morning, the Times had written  “Tsipras Plays Russian Roulette on the Greek Debt.”

Putin : We cannot exempt Greece from the food  embargo

Russian president Vladimir Putin defined during the  joint press conference with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras,  that Russia cannot exempt Greek agricultural products from the embargo it has imposed on such products from the EU and other countries.

“We understand that…half of Greek exports to Russia involve farm products, but we cannot make an exemption for those,” Putin said in response to a question.

Earlier, Tsipras had said that one of the major goals of his visit to Russia was about a more balanced trade relationship, which currently is heavily in Russia’s favor.

Russia was a Greece’s leading trade partner before the sanctions , while now the trade activity has dropped by 40%.

A partial lift , may be?

A day prior to the two leaders’ meeting, on Tuesday April 7,  Russia’s Agriculture Minister had said that Moscow could consider removing Greece, Hungary and Cyprus from its ban

After the meeting of the two leaders, the Independent, indeed, wrote :

There are also predictions that Russia could at least partially lift Russia’s ban on EU food imports for Greece in return for a part in the privatisation of Greek assets. Greek fruit, vegetables and cheese might be allowed into Russia while Russia might get to bid on Greek infrastructure

Putin also said Russian companies are in talks to takeover Russian ports in Thessaloniki.

Trade balance Yes, by Projects for energy. Greece’s own Greek stream

Mr Putin called for trade relations to be restored to their previous level, and said the two leaders discussed “various ways of cooperating, including major projects in energy”.

“Under these plans, we could provide loans for certain projects. This is not about aid but about financial cooperation in major projects,” Mr Putin said.

One of those plans is for a pipeline called “Turkish Stream”. The aim of Greece part os to build its own pipeline as  to channel natural gas from the Turkish-Greek border into Greece.

” On the Greek territory, this would not be called the Turkish stream. It wil be the Greek stream, let’s make it clear from the outset”,

Tsipras emphatically underlined  to the international press, and especially to the greek press representatives, who kept asking the provocative questions their greek media ususally adopt, still, while  being in the Kremlin Press room …..


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