Koulouri Must in Comics and reality  

12715402_1769574726606059_6458935347251103188_n12717342_1769574733272725_4053228784298593974_nKoulouri is a comics magazine, small in size, simple, funny, and with a good measure of absurdity dipped in illustrator and cartoonist Tomek Giovanis’ own reality.

But what is Koulouri about? have you tasted , first of all ?

In Greek reality, for most of the living generations Koulouri has become more than daily routine. They have it at school, in the office, on the road, in the cinema, wherever…

Truth is, wherever you find it don’t miss it . It worths the taste, the absolute traditional Greek Street trend eperience, but most of it… the energy you get isntantly by the sesame seeds super-dose that Koulouri holds since some centuries in Greece, and has nourished the minds and bodys of the day. All the country around

Source: Koulouri Comics by Tomek Giovanis

koulouri on the streets photos, by Growing Up Greek Style fb

the Greek to me team


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