The #Lifejacket Graveyard, #Lesvos by @SusanSarandon

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LESBOS, GREECE — This is the ‘Mountain of Misery’ or the ‘Lifejacket Graveyard’ in the north of the Greek island of Lesbos. Whatever you choose to call it, this massive reminder of the resilience of the human spirit stretches to the horizon.

This year eight hundred thousand people have found their way to Greece in hopes of a better life. If they make the treacherous crossing safely, many more obstacles lie ahead. Those from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq will be fast tracked and can make it through the Macedonian border where depending on their wealth, they may ultimately find their way into Europe. The others from Eritrea, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, Mali, Gambia, Morocco and Iran will be stopped at the border because they are not officially refugees.

They will then be stuck, not able to move forward, not wanting to go back.

Today, there are rumors they will be deported.

Tonight I spent time with a family from Iran. I gave them dry socks, blankets, soup, and a tent. I could not give them hope.

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RYOT and The Huffington Post are teaming to up present “The Crossing,” an immersive reporting series hosted by Susan Sarandon chronicling the refugee crisis as it unfolds in Greece.


Watch our Snapchat (@HuffPost) and The World Post‘s Instagram feed (@TheWorldPost) for coverage this week, and check back for upcoming virtual reality and 360 films about the people making the perilous journey from the Middle East toward safety.


  • Susan SarandonRYOT/The Huffington Post
  • 12/18/2015 05:51 pm ET | Updated 9 hours ago


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