@SusanSarandon Welcoming Refugees To Greece  in #Lesvos 

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“I have come to hear their stories and learn.”

Popular Hollywood actress and activist Susan Sarandon arrived on Lesvos on Thursday to witness first-hand the arrival of refugees on the island, wrote US. EMBASSY ATHENS post on fb

The actress, who spoke with volunteers and members of non-governmental organizations operating on the island, explained: “As mother of three children I completely understand what means to be a mother with children running away from war and the squalor, to reach the coast and to be forced to make this journey only because you must survive. Let’s hope that very soon the countries that do not participate in the effort to save all these people will do so.”

Earlier version of this story published on Thursday December 17, by moodhackerblog

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Source: @SusanSarandon in #Lesvos for #RefugeeSupport

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