A Brave New Deal for #Greece… blooming after midnight. Alexis “said it Greek” @tsipras_eu

CHMzk3NUYAA4xIwA big smile, a face relieved , three main sentences, in Greek, and a thank you to reporters was Alexis Tsipras close up after an all-or-nothing fight form the Greek side on the eurotalks table, that sent smiles to Greece, and a hopeful message to the world. Europe, finally, is a solidatrity continent as it comes out, and justice, social justice, has not left this continent yet .

  The talks were in very good and positive climate as always,

said to the Press the Greek PM at 1.00 early morning time of Thursday June 11, obviously exhausted, but apparently relieved.

We decided to intensify the efforts, the remaining differences to be bridged, as to move further in the coming period to a solution. The political leadership of Europe seems to understand that we have to get to a viable solution, and give the opportunity to Greece to return by social cohesion and security to development by a sustainable dept.

To a perspective that would bring security and stability back, not only for Greece but for the whole Europe

Few minutes earlier, sources of  Maximos Mansion commented:

“The three leaders agreed to intensify the process of bridging the remaining differences in order to early achieve an agreement allowing Greece to return to growth with social cohesion and sustainable debt ”

A German government spokesman said after Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Francois Hollande reviewed the state of the talks with Tsipras that the meeting took place in a constructive atmosphere.

The spokesman said in a statement:

“It was agreed unanimously that the talks between the Greek government and the institutions (IMF, European Commission and European Central Bank) should be pursued with great intensity,”

Tsipras left the building without commenting. International media reporters asked him for a que in English. But it was obvious that the Greek Prime, after a non-stop augmenting stress exhausting day, could barely stand more pf  the world’s lights on his face .

The talks have been deadlocked over Greece’s rejection of the creditors’ demands for cuts in pensions and unpopular labour market reforms as conditions for releasing frozen bailout funds.

As the Athens Agency had wroten on Wednesdy the Greek government is requesting an extension of the current loan agreement by nine months to ensure the funding of the Greek economy

According to the sources, the request includes funds from the European part of the current programme, the money from the European Financial Stability Fund (EFSF) and a debt exchange between ESM and the European Central Bank. The aim is to restart the Greek economy and end uncertainty.
If these requests are met, the Greek side is willing to discuss the primary surplus targets, but nothing has been finalized yet, the same sources said. Discussions are continuing in every direction and Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ meetings in Brussels aim at reaching a deal.
Today Alexis Tsipras is meeting Jean Clude Juncker , who wellcomed him in Brussels after all with a warm hug

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