Greece, Turkey agree on measures to increase Aegean maritime safety

Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias’ statements following his meeting with Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu (Ankara, 12 May 2015) - Top Story

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias and Turkey’s Mevlut Cavusoglu also vowed during a joint news conference to continue to work to improve the often-frosty relations and said the countries had agreed to increase security and prevent accidents in the Aegean Sea.

“All of the journalists – Greeks and international – are aware of the concerns I have expressed for some months now regarding the destabilization of the Eastern Mediterranean, which is within a triangle, as I always say, formed by Ukraine, Libya, the Middle East. Greece and Turkey are two factors for stability within this region, and we exchanged initial thoughts on how we might institutionalize this potential we have.

We agreed to reopen the exploratory talks, which concern the continental shelf in the Aegean, and to continue the discussion on confidence-building measures, on which I would say we have already had some success. And I thank the Greek side, Greek diplomacy, which worked hard on this, and the Turkish Foreign Ministry. We have already agreed on and announced confidence-building measures for maritime safety, which include 9 technical aspects that we won’t go into in a press conference.

Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias’ statements following his meeting with Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu (Ankara, 12 May 2015) - Top Story

go to the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs website for the official  Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias’ statements following his meeting with Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu (Ankara, 12 May 2015) – Top Story.


Greece makes progress with creditors as cash crunch looms – 12 News

Varoufakis on peak time of negotiations arriving at Maximos Mansion  to inform Greek PM for the updates

Greece makes progress with creditors as cash crunch looms – 12 News.

On the edge. Obviously, this is the Lenders’ side response to the Hope that Democracy let the Greeks voteon 25 January by choosing Alexis. And they successed to practicaly Haircut that hope in the terms of Greek reality, since they orchastrated to shave all the country’s cash, and keep to stick to the Euro- Agreement’s details, that are practically the main government’s Red lines. In the of the day they have fed with uncertainty the public mind and soul   adequately enough to shave off all of the Hope.

Negotiations’ progress, government’s chance to rule that country, public feeling’s breath to breath,  All have been KEPT ON THE EDGE, DAY TO DAY  during the 100+ of Alexis Tsipras.  Have a look on the latest updates .


How the migrants’ trafficking bomb in Greece was covered and fed for a decade by previous governements. Frontex Analysis pointing now to ISIS entrance threat

1021-744x418Special trainned crews of the Greek Police Counter-Terrorism and the Greek National Intelligence Service, specialized on international-Islamist terrorism, are sent to the illegal immigrants’ entry points of Greece, the Aegean islands of Mytilini, Chios,and others, and to the Northern border station of Evros

National Intelligence Service and the Greek Police have been set on the Alert on the country’s Entry Points for the possibility fighters of the Islamic State (ISIS) to entry Europe through Greece among the hundreds and thousands immigrants that arrive daily on the islands of Eastern Aegean.

A Syrian national, arrested among migrants rescued on the island of Chios by the Coast guard, had saved on his mobile phone photos with arms and ammunition from battlefields in Syria. When interrogated he declared himself as “dissident” who fights against the Assad government.There have not been found any signs of interconnection with Islamist terrorist networks, while his identity is not found  in the ‘list of suspects “of Schengen list (Schengen Information System).

Also, the arrest of a 18 year old Albanian  is reported on the Greek-Albanian border for illegal entry  The Albanian, who allegedly confessed that his intention was to travel to Syria, and was deported.

Officers of the Police and Greek National intelligence predict that the phenomenon will intensify during the summer months and point out that police staff has already reinforced the border posts of the country.

“Bio-Check Borders control”: Syrian refugees need Polio screening and vaccine to enter Northern European Countries

The Greek Center of Disease Control(HCDCP) special trained teams, –the most expertise -trainned on ‘Human trafficking masses’ Health safety crews throughout Europe since the start of the phenomenon on 2005-,  are standing on the Aegean islands and the borders’ frontline, supporting the First line screening proceedures and taking precautionary measures for the Global Village safety, including if needed blood samples control.


While the islands reporting the largest number of arrivals remained Lesbos, Chios and Samos, detections were also reported from small islands from North to South, stretching capacity of surveillance.

Many migrants claimed to be Syrian, and were thus handed an administrative notice allowing them to stay in Greece for up to six months, even without applying for asylum.

Screening processes of some migrants revealed a high degree of falsely claimed nationalities to avoid return. Not knowing the nationality of migrants who are illegally crossing the border and travelling within the EU is evidently a vulnerability for EU internal security. [***] ”


Isis plans to use immigrant boats from Libya to cause terror in Europe and close shipping routes…

…wrote in mid April 2015 the Independent, based on an online essay written by a prominent Isis supporter who, claiming to be in Libya, called the country the “strategic gateway for the Islamic State” and announced the “blessed expansion” of its so-called caliphate into North Africa.  The essay, translated by counter-extremism think-tank the Quilliam Foundation, said: “(Libya) has a long coastline and looks upon the southern Crusader states, which can be reached with ease by even a rudimentary boat and note that the number of ‘illegal immigration’ trips from this coast is massive, estimated to be as high as 500 people a day, as a low estimate.

“According to many [of these immigrants], it is easily possible to pass through Maritime Security Checkpoints and arrive in cities.

[Proximity to Europe]

Add to that the fact that it has a long coast line and looks upon the southern Crusader states, which can be reached with ease by even a rudimentary boat and note that the number of ‘illegal immigration” trips from this coast is massive, estimated to be as high as 500 people a day, as a low estimate. According to many [of these immigrants],it is easily possible to pass through Maritime Security Checkpoints and arrive in cities. If this was even partially exploited and developed strategically, pandemonium could be wrought in the Southern Europe. It is even possible that there could be a closure of shipping lines because of the targeting of Crusader ships and tankers.

35bb729f5855877b840b4f6bb3dc2422“Migration is not an issue for inexpensive populism,” Alexis Tsipras recently said,  emphasizing on the recent summit talks in Europe, and slammed the former New Democracy-led coalition government for not using  a single euro of the EU funds that had been available for the reception and migrant hosting centers needed.

“We are looking for a way to decongest our islands ahead of the tourist season ” Prime Minister  said. Alexis Tsipras also, -avoiding, though, to cause further panic on the chaotic Greek society has openly said “Our bigggest threat is Jihad “(not the Greek prisoners terrorists, he meant, when asked on Greece’s terrorism threat)

ISIS-MAINIn the meanwhile supporters of Islamic State (ISIS) are allegedly in Rome, according to a series of threatening tweets and photos collected by the intelligence monitoring organisation, SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors jihadist networks.

The tweets show several photos of iconic monuments in Rome, such as the Colosseum, with threatening signs held up in front of the camera, the Italian website The Local reported.


  the Greece’s Armageddon bomb

  • Shame on the last decade’s interaction of Greek authorites and officials with the international and Turkish Rings

  • Shame on the Greeks who cooperated

  • Shame on the governments who covered it

 Greek and Turkish networks’ interaction since long, reports now National Intelligence

The trafficking routes to the islands of Aegean and the smugglers’ methods, contacts and interfaces revealed a recent official Report of the Greek Police that is conducted by the cooperation of the Greek National Intelligence Service. According to the report, persons and contacts from Greece provide assistance to the Turkish smugglers and on time information as to successfully “synchronize” their movements to avoiding or verde(the Greek Police and National Intelligence Trafficking Report, April 28,2015)

the Coast Guard patrols.

  • The report notes that “networks operating in Turkey have persons in Greece who provide them information on the time schedule and the movements of the patrol vessels of the Coast Guard. These persons either observe the hours and the routes of the patrols from high points on the Greek islands, or pretending they are fishing, follow the patrols in the sea , from a safe distance but potent to inform the smugglers network while sailing in their fishing boats.

The Turkish immigrant trafficking networks use a wide variety of boats, but most often high-speed inflatable boats with powerful engines that ususally carry 30-40 illegal migrants, adds the document.

  • There has been found established cooperation of the Turkish trafficking network with Greek corresponding network that disposes high speed boats with outstanding features (vacuum ship speed 70 km/hr), the report undelines.
  • A number of police officers serving in the migration services have been transferred to other departments, in response to an internal Police investigation according to which Greek Police officers are involved in human trafficking rings.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Public Order and police command are awaiting the findings of the internal affairs investigation into allegations of bribery amongst high-ranking police officers in relation to assisting human trafficking rings. It appears that the investigation, which began in early 2014, was expedited after the publication of To Vima’s report.By the investigation, it comes off that two to three Turkish nationals who are in charge of human trafficking rings were in contact officers in the Police and National Intelligence Agency (EYP). EYP had ordered an investigation into the matter in 2013, which revealed that the traffickers were being supplied with forged travel documents and certificates. Some police officers have claimed that they have established contact with Turkish traffickers as “informants”, in order to draw information and that they were unaware of the investigation being carried out.


To deal or not to deal ? Greece’s sovereignity and constitutional validity questioned on #MayDay 2015

We will prevail in our struggles to bolster and protect our rights, our and our dignity.

The courageous message the Prime Minister tweeted for the 1st of May to the Greeks and the international community comes on the moment, this year’s May Day, that Greece’s sovereignity and constitutional validity are questioned, as is the right of a folk to fight for its dignity, and not only. For its survival.

Almost three years after the Greek life has been dennounced to unbearable personal and family bleeding, by the cut on the pensions and the public salaries to percentages that exceed the 60%, the Council of State now ruled, that all this has been biasing the constitution .

The Council of State has just considered illegal and unconstitutional all the cuts made in main and supplementary pensions since the summer of 2012 till now, as well as the cut in salaries, the abolition of the 13nth salary and the zero deficit clause.  Speaking on tv, the Vice President of the Parliament and MP of SYRIZA, Alexis Mitropoulos, said that the decision would be officialy announced on Monday 4th of May, the latest.

A lot of related appeals to the Council of State have been filed by pensioners of the banking sector and the private-insurance sector till now. The  decision concerns the “genocide type” mass cut of the pensions by Antonis Samaras government  imposed since summer 2012 by the memorandum, for which, guess what, there are plans to be continued to  the peak of humiliation of the ex- middle, and now poor, class.

Of course Greeks are aware, that the 300 euros pension for all Greeks, –which is going to be irreversible if signed —is one of the lenders’ basic demand as to close the worldwide expected “agreement” with Greece, for which Angela Merckel has said “We will do everything in order to ensure that Greece will stay in the Eurozone” and, for which agreement also, President Obama has multiple times called the United Europe’s “headquarters”,  the chancellery, to undeline the agreement’s urgency to Angela Merkel.

On the way to the desired agreement, Greeks, even though used to repetitive provocations and offenses by our Euro-“partners”, they are truly shocked by the latest slaps on the country’s face, which augmented last week the provocative singance from the european lenders’ side towards Greece, and touched also on “national soverignity” issues and barriers, as an exclusive enikonomia report revealed

After the President of the Eurogroup Jeroun Dijssebloom openly  boasted to the international community that he, personally, had  “dissmised” Yianis Varoufakis, an official paper was reportedly addressed to the IMF concerning Greece,  suggesting  that the International Monetary Fund needs to develop an effective strategy on redusing the opportunity for creditor countries to intervene in decisions on how crises should be resolved ( within their sovereignity).


The suggestion concerns exactly such expressions of democracy as the Council of State decision for what uncosntitutional might mean was, by which such “effective strategies” suggested to the IMF would openly let the  IMF ignore it.

The IMF paper deals with the very  tiny edge where Greek public feeling lies on the memorandum years,  which is the public motive that brought Alexis Tsipras to power three months before, and consists of  the wide expectation of the Greek people for a Humanitarian Response governnance  that could (and should urgently) sooth the extended poverty- hit family dramas.

greek colony

Besides, “Greece is not a colony”, the Greek government was provoked to  answer to the Eurogroup Presidt’s harsh provocations earlier this week.

On Tuesday April 27, the day after the reshuffle of the Greek negotiations team announced by the Prime Minister, as to help the negotiations with the lenders reach to agreement,  the RTL channel aired the tv interview statements of the President of Eurogroup Jeroun Dijsselbloem, saying that Greece “played and lost ” with its lenders, while he explained how he asked for a Chief negotiations person from Greece’s side, who would be reporting straight to the Greek Prime Minister.

It is not e first time....February 16, 2015

….It is not the first time. “This country would not be a debt colony”, Varoufis to Dielbloem , Feb. 16, 2015

By the headline ‘Dijsselbloem sent Varoufakis away”, the RTL spread the news around the globe in a few hours, causing the furious answer of the Maximos Mansion(Greek PM’s office), that answered emphatically :

“Greece is not a colony”

“First inaccuracy”, Maximos Mansion sources reported to have stated

“The Greek Finance Minister is not sent away, and (Jeroun Disslebloom) will find him in front of his eyes. The Greek Finance Minister will be there at the next Eurogroup”.

Second inaccuracy, the  same sources added, “if, said so, the Prime Minister would have replied accordingly. “


Concernign the IMF study revealed by and signed by  James M. Boughton, a former executive of IMF,  it suggests to the Internatnal Monetary Fund that, based on Greece’s paradigm,   countries that cannot pay off their debts on time to the IMF, should have their national sovereignty revoked.

The claims that in the document, Boughton, who was working for the IMF between 1981 to 2012, analyses the exact measures that should be taken in case a state cannot pay off its financial obligations.

It was not the first  time, neither for that to be heard internationally  Greece’s sovereignity was planned to be massively limited since 2011, as Jean Claude Juncker had openly on that time stated to the European press:

“The sovereignty of Greece will be massively limited,”

Juncker told Germany’s Focus magazine four years before, months after the first memorandum was signed, and explained:

…“Experts” are now descending on the country to oversee a huge fire sale of state assets to private companies, likening the situation to post-collapse East Germany when 14,000 East German firms were sold off between 1990 and 1994….

From Greece’s mass, nobody would imagine these words had already been reality since then.

What’s worse is that politicians, and among them the Greek ones, did really know.greek proud