Resist to tie, Alexis, even if silk… Don’t do it “quick and dirty”, if agreement comes indeed

Agreement comes within a few days, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras  announced today to  the Greeks a day after the Riga summit, where the French the German leaders  agreed on the significant progress achieved so far by the new government and the negotiations’ team, as was announced,  and focused more, concentrated, to the open issues of the negotiation.

Alexis recieved a friendship attack  in Riga, where they greeted him with smiles, hugs, flowers and silk . “Climate was so friendly” , as Greek PM  stated in Riga to the press.  Hugs from Eurogroup President , sweet smiles from the  Chancellor, flowers to host his presence, and also … “silk for the seal “.

In a more than warm, hearty welcome that was waiting the Greek leader on the Eurogroup summit this time, Alexis Tsipras definitely took a breath  from the unstoppable four months’ soul-and-mind daily attacks a whole nation recieved since the very first day of Alexis’  governance.

Surrounded by the cute-and-teasing mood of the Euro leaders who seemed much more familiar this time, the PM stated openly optimistic and confident about Greee’s luck, feeling obviously relaxed after the critical meetings . And sure it was a relaxing breath for the tensed Greek feeling,  which acted like an antidote to the  “emergency-operational ” style of this specific PM  trip to Riga, where to he flew on a Greek Airforces’ C130 plane, instead of the PM’s airplane that  lies immobilised on the ground, having run out of fuel, consequently to the country’s out of cash.

But the “special -effect”  that sealed the Riga summit, came, unexpectedly  to the world’s eyes, by the cute semiology gesture of Jean Claude Juncker, when he probed his tie on Alexis when the camera flashes lighted up .


It was not the first time  that “tieless Alexis”,- who has swore to wear a tie only when the dept Greece’s problem will be resolved-, made headlines. Earlier attempt to “tie him with tie” was made by the PM of our “Master in Style” neighbor, Italy, Prime Minister Mateo Renzi, on Februry 3, when he offered in Rome Alexis a black tie, as a diplomatic visit  etiquette “We want to give a hand to Greece,” Renzi had said. “But we also want the moment to come for Greece to be out of the crisis, and when that moment comes, Alexis will use an Italian tie”


Indeed, the talks in Riga this time on top European political level, were about the exiting crisis prospect of Greece, as  was officaly stated, and Jean Claude Juncker probably took the chance in front of the cameras to show it to the world. Greece is definitely in a rush to reach an agreement, since national liquidity problem has “freeze- framed” the daily life all around the country, with cash being missing almost nowhere.

And here comes “the most harsh phrase this gov has heard till now”, as many politicians commented today, the President of IMF Chrisitne Laggarde’s  phrase from overseas on Greece’s agreement to come. Warning Greece and the eurolenders’ side, Christine Laggarde asked for a carefull, in detail work on the terms of the agreement, using though, -may be accidentally-    a negative expression to say it , which Greeks, understood as a negative comment on the proceedure  of the negotiations, and also understood it word-by- word and not as an expression

“It has to be a comprehensive approach, not a quick and dirty job,” Ms Lagarde told an audience in Rio.


“I know there is a lot of work to be done. Parties are now working, receiving proposals, working in cooperation and we will continue to do so as fast as we can.”

“Quick and dirty”?  Enough is enough, immediately everybody said .The statement was playing on tv over and over again, by the comments of Greek media insisting  that Christine Laggarde had a negative view  on the negotiations’ matters, even though the Prime Minister said clearly Saturday morning that agreement will be made within the next days. By the exhaustion of a whole country for five+ years, and the torture of no cash nationwide for a four+months, suspicions arose  once again. The  public feeling turned again against a proposed by the lenders’ side agreement, if this would be, once again, going to be unfair .

“The Greek people support our government on this hard try for an agreement for the country, because they know, all of them , that for the first time on the negotiations’ table there is not only one side. There are two sides, and one of them is doing its best to bring Greeks their life back,” Alexis Tsipras said on his speech to the Central Comittee of SYRIZA party today .

The Greek prime minister set the issue of the country’s perspective for exiting the crisis if a long term deal is reached, on the trilateral meeting with President Hollande and Chancellor Merkel in Riga,  according to top Greek governmental sources, the ANA-MPA Friday wrote .The Athens News Agency also said that on the meeting the the terms of the agreement were discussed, as was also and the next  day after the agreement , which let Alexis Tsipras express his optimism to the journalists in Riga.

On  their part, Merkel and Hollande noted that they understand the need for such a deal,  and expressed their willingness to help, even on  personal level, as to reach soon to the agreement. But the same moment Angela underlined that   “A conclusion needs to be found with the three institutions and there needs to be very, very intensive work”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande  leaders
“I am optimistic that we can soon reach a stable, long-term and viable solution, without the mistakes of the past – and Greece will return to growth with cohesion.

The government is seeking for a comprehensive deal within the next ten days, government spokesman Gavriil Sakellaridis  also said from Riga  on Friday talking on Greek tv. Sakellaridis noted that the agreement will cover all issues, including labour and social security ones.

Asked whether Greece will retreat to the IMF’ harsh demands, he said that Athens has set its red lines and does not intend to take a step back on all those issues “in this manner.”

He confirmed that Greece’s creditors are asking for two VAT rates – 11 percent and 23 percent – adding that they have proposed the imposition of a 23 percent VAT on the energy sector. Greece has proposed three VAT rates – 7 percent, 14 percent and 22 percent.

Asked on debt issue and whether it will be included in the agreement, Sakellaridis told live on air that the Greek government has raised the issue from the very beginning. “It is an objective problem … and by no means can we say that it does not exist,” PM spokesman said, and added that whether it will be included in the agreement “will depend on how mature conditions are.”

One is for sure: Mature for the tie , Alexis will only then be…





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