Greece’s cannibilising jungle syndrom spread in the Parliament, indeed

They use, in Greek, the expression “demonised” to describe the state of anger of a person that sets him out of controll . It takes just a glance on Friday’s Parliamentary session to remember it. You may have a look. The creepy event took place on the very critical moments(again) during which the country was receiving the bitter, -once again, after-taste of Eurogroup negotiations, while the Prime Minister , few hours earlier was meeting with Angela Merckel and announcing afterwards, “we came closer than before”

It is obvious and expressed broadly from the Greeks yet, that the eurozone deal by the memorandum- austerity pressure is much more than a deal, and actually, it is a war. Not just for money, because Greeks are already condemmend to poverty anyway, but of the mind. The very subversive, revolutianry Greek mind, that turns into unpredictable freak when the logic and the soul are squeezed.

For instance, something that Euro-leaders may have not noticed is that the   Greeks have forgotten the once undouptable ” EURO by any means” because the sacrifcies in everyone’s life have already been beyond tolerance. Schocking though is the fact that was revealed the very last days, that the Euro leaders on the negotiations insist -after three monhts of both sides’ “good will”(!)-,  to what the ex governmenet had signed. In simple words, to cut the pensions gradually, to 300 euros for all. Three months before, yes,this was signed by the governmenet of Mr. Samaras, on the famous e-mail Hardouvelis , that tombed finally the ex-govt. Though, the hot information was made known to the Greeks after Alexis Tsipras came back from his last trip to Brussels.

And this, indeed, seems possibly to be the true reason of the Jungle- type performance of the opposition Party in the Greek Parliament .The New Democracy MPs, known to the public as prestigious ministers for years, where screaming though, outrageously to the governing SYRIZA , accusing SYRIZA for bringing the jungle in the  Parliament. Reality was obvious to anyone, at least, because the  Parliament channel was broadcasting live on air .

It is the ex government party that is attacking the newly elected govt of Tsipras, day to day, we should note, by the same ustoppable rythm that the European lenders do that to the Greek soul. It is the New Democracy accusing the three months’ Tsipras government that it is suffocating the patience of the Greeks, blowing up the minds of everyone that way, who very well remember the suffocating pain of five whole years before, where only despair and humiliation was ruling people’s lives .

After the last trip of the Prime Minister to Brussels where he met with Angela Merkel, the real news is that the European “headquarters” do not finally aknowledge that Greece voted for a new government, they insnist on the signatures of the ex-ones, instead, and  they find it very fair to let the Greeks live endlessly from now on on a 300e pension, when each one of them, having worked for all his life, has paid for his insurance deductions at least the double or tripple amount each single month for decades . This way, the Euro doesn’t make any sense for the Greeks, by an augmenting reaction public reaction, we could say, that one easily can check by asking common Greeks on the street.

Interesting is that the Prime Minister’s office had released a suitable  announcement two weeks before, describing, almost proactively to yesterday’s Parliament event,  the “jungle -provoked climate” in Greek political life and the media, by GabrielSakellaridis, Alexis Tsipras’ spokesperson .

sakellaridis“…For days now, there is a climate of generalized terrorhysteria cultivated by the Opposition Party and the media, presenting democracy in a  state of siege

… but both the “reality” TV, and  the far-right rhetoric of Mr. Samaras are in complete variance with objective reality. ”

“After all, we all live in the same country”, Gabriel Sakellaridis had said

It takes arrogance to cheat shamelessly the minds of the Greeks, and unstoppably, isn’t it? History has proved that, at least .


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