We lost a valuable friend of Greece, by Nobelist Grass’ death, said @atsipras

anergia-660_0_3“..Antigone defied you wearing black

and all over the country,

the people whose guest you have been

wear mourning clothes …”

German Nobel laureate for Literature, Günter Grass (84) had warned , back on June 2012, -three years before his recent death- that Europe should be soulless without Greece, if it were to leave,  as Greece was the one that  had dreamed up the European idea .

The poem whose words spread all around the worLd since then, by the title “Europe’s Shame”,  is aN EVER UPDATED harsh criticism of Europe’s policy towards Greece. Because NOTHING HAS CHANGED  eversince

“Greece as a country without rights, the self-opinionated power

ties the belt tighter and tighter”.

SisterDespina89yOrthodoxNunGreece“Near the chaos,

because the market is not just,

you are far away from the land,

that lent you the cradle.”

 “As debtor placed naked on the pillory, a country suffers…..”

“Drink up, at last, drink up your hemlock, the EU commissioners urge,

but Socrates returns the over-brimming cup”

Obviously Gunter Grass  was the first ,- and only – Nobel mind  that had dared to speak straight to the Europeans of What makes them soulless, the ignorance of the term humanitarian, exactly what today’s Greece’s leaders continuously try to make the Euro-leadres understand, pronounce, accept, but unsuccessfully with no response at all.

Guenter Grass’s loss concerns all European citizens, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said in a statement on Monday April 13, 2015, expressing his grief over the German novelist’s death.

“Today we lost one of the reference points of the European culture; and Greece lost a valuable friend who did not hesitate to stand by the Greek people during the difficult times of the economic crisis when the stereotypes against Greece were at their peak,” Tsipras said.

“Guenter Grass was not only the Nobel laureate virtuoso of speech but also the combative intellectual of the democratic and social commitment” and noted that “his ‘tin drum’ is the indelible landmark of the European political and anti-fascist literature.”

Grass, the Nobel Prize-winning novelist who wrote “The Tin Drum”, died on Monday at the age of 87.  On his poem for Greece’s austerity, Grass’s intervention had followed, back on 2012, he uncompromising words of IMF head Christine Lagarde, “that Greeks should pay their taxes in full, adding that the full force of her sympathy was directed elsewhere than Athens. “I think more of the little kids from a school in a little village in Niger who get teaching two hours a day,  she said. “I have them in my mind all the time. Because I think they need even more help than the people in Athens.”

Greeks still have to pay in full. No matter that more than 65% of schoolchildren are fainting or craving food

No matter that hundreds of elderly have died silently  from despair and poverty, wounded from their dignity violently taken away , while the Samaras government was boasting for a success story that was all fake. No matter that still,  walking in the streets of Athens one stumbles on desperate, hungry bodies, remains of an once descend life . No matter that businessmen, still  blow still their minds off, in their shops , in the center of Athens


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