A “civilised” food embargo ease, is this the story of the warm Tsipras’ wellcome in the “cold” Kremlin?

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The  food embargo ease , is it true?

An agreement to ease food embargo for Greece is the Headline story in Greece these moments, even on News of the GreekState Television TV NERIT .

Talking to the Russian and international Press, Wednesday 8/4/15 morning, while Alexis Tsipras had already arrived in Moscow, the Kremlin spokesman, according to the Tass News Agency did not rule out that the food embargo issue could be also discussed.

“We cooperate in agriculture, and we can fix a decline in trade in this sphere linked to the forced introduction (by Russia) of retaliatory measures (against EU sanctions) in regard to a number of goods,” Peskov explained.
“We assume this issue will be raised (at the talks) this way or another,” Peskov added.

In mid-March, Russian Agriculture Minister Nikolay Fyodorov said that his ministry was studying a “civilized reply” to a request by some European countries to allow them to supply fruit and vegetables to Russia.

n mid-March, Russian Agriculture Minister Nikolay Fyodorov said that his ministry was studying a “civilized reply” to a request by some European countries to allow them to supply fruit and vegetables to Russia.

He said the sides were carrying out “an intensive discussion on the possible options” and these countries include Greece, Hungary and Cyprus.

Speaking on Russia’s food embargo on agricultural products, the Greek government official spokesman, Gavriil Sakellaridis, said during the visit some existing issues could be resolved and this would provide immediate support to the Greek economy.

Here is  What you need to know , wrote Russia Today on THIS MORNING’S UPDATED ARTICLE for Alexis Tsipras meeting with Vlamir Putin that takes place on this very moment

 Rumors have been abuzz that Athens and Moscow are plotting a secret bailout ever since the idea was first floated by Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov days after the Syriza party won the elections in January. Russian daily Kommersant reported that Moscow is ready to offer indirect financial help, citing an unnamed government source.
“We are ready to consider the issue of allowing Greece a gas discount: under the contract, the gas price is linked to the oil price that has gone significantly lower in recent months,”Kommersant cited a Russian government source as saying.
“We are also ready to discuss the possibility of allowing Greece new loans. But in turn we are interested here in reciprocal moves, in particular in terms of Russia getting certain assets from Greece,” the source added, without specifying the sort of assets he was talking about.

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Furius Eurozone

On the  Regional German newspaper Muenchner Merkur today’s published article also, the European Parliament President Martin Schulz warns the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras not to break with the European Union line on sanctions toward Russia.

“Greece demands and gets a lot of solidarity from the EU. We can therefore also ask for solidarity from Greece and for this solidarity not to be ended unilaterally by pulling out of joint measures”, Schulz said on this “interviwed” warning to Greece’s new leader.

We made It clear to Alexis Tsipras in several discussions” Schulz said, adding that ““He should base his actions in Moscow on that. The EU expects that from him as the head of government of an EU member state.”

The  EU Parliament President’s political interference on Greece’s internal politics

  • From the throne of the president of the EU Parliament, Martin Schulz, has aslo ” advised ” in his way Alexis Tsipras to change his governmenet coalition, and put Stavros Theodorakis in the place of Pannos Kammenos, who, Schultz openly said, would like much more… At the mid- March, once again, talking to a german newspaper the Frankfurter Allgemeine., Marti Schultz had said that “he thinks the coalition of left and right-wing parties in the Greek government is not working
“I think the current coalition of the left party with these right-wing populists is a mistake,” Schulz told the  The radical leftist Syriza, the party which swept to victory in January and which Tsipras leads, governs Greece with the right-wing Independent Greeks.

Answerig to this obvious political interference, the Independent Greeks leader, Panos Kammenos – Greece’s defense minister –  accused Germany of  interfering in Greece’s domestic affairs , adding also about Germany’s Finance Minister

“It’s like a psychological war, and Schäuble is poisoning the relationship between the two countries through that,” Kammenos has told Germany’s “Bild” daily.

CCDjVIaUoAAtohLTsipras’ second trip to Moscow  one moth ahead

By the way, the Greek Minister Defence will be next to Alexis Tsipras, during the second Prime Minister’s offical visit to Moscow in May 9, where they are invited to  “take part in the big Russia’s Anniversary event marking the victory over Nazism”, the Bloombrg has wrote

Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov has reminded today talking to the Tass, that  “this will be a working visit and working talks.” He added that on May 9 Putin and Tsipras plan another meeting that will have a “ceremonial and memorial part devoted to the Victory Day.”

Schulz, Schauble on ReparatIons, hours before Alexis’ trip to Moscow

  • Schulz recently also criticized  Greece’s  demand for Germany to pay 278.7 billion euros in reparations over the Nazi occupation of Greece during World War Two.

“I think it’s counterproductive to mix these emotionally charged issues with the current financial crisis in Greece,” he said, adding he shared Berlin’s opinion that the reparations issue had already been dealt with politically and legally.

Germany’s economy minister, also, on Tuesday, April 7,  characterized Greece’s reparations demand as “stupid” . The German opposition, though, has said Berlin should repay a forced loan dating from the Nazi occupation.

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