Alexis Willkommen, by Bild , and the demostrators on the spot

“Willkommen in Deutschland, Herr Tsipras,”  said Bild in a front page banner headline published hours before the radical leftist was due to meet chancellor Angela Merkel over dinner later on Monday. And just to make sure the visitor got the message, the paper filled the bottom half of its front page reproducing the headline in Greek.

Inside, Bild listed no fewer than 50 reasons why “Greece is so beloved and dear to us”. Archimedes, Homer, Nana Mouskouri and Maria Callas are all there. So are the world’s coolest saga heroes, including Hercules and Odysseus. The marathon and the Olympic Games. Greece’s 2004 victory in the European football championship (albeit with a German manager). Greek yoghurt. Holidays in Greece

Is Bild going soft on Greece?, asks the Financial Times blog But there was live support, there on the spot of the meeting by a solidarity march of Greek and German people , whom Alexis Tsipras thanked personally from his twitter account before the dinner with Angela Merkel.

Alexis Tsipras twitted:


In Berlin we met with Mrs. . The solidarity march of the Greek and German people gave us so much strength 

8:26 PM – 23 Mar 2015


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