Greece’s suffocating pillow by a bullying of words, while Alexis meets with the bosses of Euro


“What a negotiation could  that be, where one part says ‘I’m the boss’, under the photo of Angela Merkel and Wolfgag Schauble”,… said journalist  Akis Pavlopoulos on his News show on Blue Sky, commenting on the Greek Prime Minister talks on Brusselgroup  with the Europe’s heads

“We don’t dare to spell humanitarian crisis, they are bullying our right to survive”, the audience and viewers have kept saying live, the last days ,on News shows and on the radios.

May be this is the core of Greece’s drama for the moment, and this, apparently, has become the core meaning of today’s negotiations . Europe doubts the factor misery , doubts the meaning of  humanitarian,after all .

“A question for the flesh of the folks is the definition of Capitalism” said Lianna Kanelli in Greek Parliament, an MP of the Greek Communist Party, and a brilliant journalist all her life, who originated from the right link, though.

By doubting the Greek drama, the Greek society gets through, which has brought the misery and dispair in every Greek household, unfolds suddenly in the eyes of the West the true face of European politics, which finally appears  as a misunderstanding about misery and happiness in -between the Western world…

Is there any trace of political responsibility in Europe to avoid misery, is there a right for the European citizens for exit from misery, or ,simply, could there be a human right for Happiness, at the bottom line?

As it obviously comes out, no, there is no such right in Europe, contrary to the way the United States have constituted it. The right of happiness was included in the American Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson.

This seems to explain more clearly the interaction, from the very first moments of Tsipras election, of President Obama with Europe’s heads for a ” humanitarian” oriented solution on the Greek crisis issue, the term that Europe isisits still not to understand

The right of happiness (well-being) is non-existing in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, underlines the documetnation of the Declation of the Right of Happiness in the EU , an initiative which started last year from Greece and aims to remind again to Europeans the origin of this right which is absolutely Greek


The right of happiness for every human being was first supported by the philosopher Epicurus, followed by Thomas Jefferson, the Epicurean author of the American Declaration of Independence, in which he included it. In 2012, the United Nations recognized that happiness is a fundamental human goal and right.

The European play of bullying Greece….

On a constant play of words, messages, but also technical details, nothing, as served by eurozone’s part, seemed to make any difference, since the new Greek elected government started demanding a rescue of the Greek drama.

Greece, since the January 25 Greek elections, was judged not good enouph for any of the new government’s initiative, proposal or statement, Yianis Varoufakis especially, was judged, unstoppably, as inadequate to them. The atrocity of social injustice imposed to the Greek people by their “non-successful” austerity  program, is simply, for the eurozone talks out of any interest.

People and human life , in the end, seem to  be out of question since human pain seems not to make any sense. This has been the crisis management for Greece in the heart of the West, Europe, by leaders to leaders .

“First we bombard Athens, then we keep Madrid…”

The common slogan “First we take Athens, then we take Madrid” that Alexis Tsipras and Podemos had launched, before even Greece’s recent elections, had been strong enough, as it comes out, to help Eurozone prepare an impressions orchestrated play just the opposite way by tumbling down any victory image of Greece as to withold any possibily of similar develoment underway in Madrid.

“We do not surrender, had said by then Alexis Tsipras on some of his speeches,  emphatically

Guarding the Gate of Eurozone’s dominance on the stronghold Madrid, Rajoy had been the harshest and most uncompromising stance against Greece, since the first critical meetings of the Eurogroup, days after Alexis election, even towards the proposal to dissolve the Troika.

“Greeks  you are our strength”

  • “Heads up , Greeks! had said Alexis Tsipras since early days of his election, after the first round of the negotiations with Eurogroup .We do not surrender” 

Not forgetting, also,  to answer emphatically also to the German Finance Minister who had said he was feeling sorry for the Greeks’ new gov,

  • ” Mr. Shauble, better feel sorry for the people who walk with their heads bowed….”

But the strength of the new government during the tough negotiations for Greece’s survival on Europe’s table, was, since the early days, PM said,  that impressive chain of unity for A Chance for Greece, of these huge peaceful demonstrations that took place all around Greece, and also around the world .

A night before his first meeting with Angel Merkel in Brussels, on Feb 11, Prime Minister @Tsipras  tweeted a picture of the Athens protest, saying:

 “In the cities of Greece and Europe the people are fighting by the most uniting peaceful demonstration to support our negotiation battle. They are our strength.”

“These pictures gave us so much strength, while being abroad, during the critical moments of the eurogroups”, said Gabril Sakellaridis, Alexis Tsipras spokesman, on Friday the 13th, morning , talking on air to Nikos Hatzinikolaou

No matter the white cold days of the early February, thousands of Greeks had taken the streets of Athens ,in the Greek big cities, and also in the world’s metropolis, to send their wish and message to the tough negotiations of this government with eurozone partners in Brussels, by synchronizing  the solidarity marches with the moments of the  critical talks.

No poliical plakats, no policemen, no vince, just smiles by the Greeks, feeling proudly they could hope again, after five years of poverty and despair . Smiles that froze over and over again since then, every single day, by the cruel and tough messages delivered from Europe’s headquarters and think-tanks, on a constant daily basis .


In a few moments the meeting of Alexis Tsipras with the Seven “bosses” of Europe will take place. Journalist George Houdalakis on his air show on Real fm, since early morning, gave the lead:

” Seven the miracles of the world, Seven also the plagues of Pharaoh”…

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