The once again contradictory impressions around Eurogroup for Greece


Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis told reporters that the meeting went well undelying that  Greece is  looking forward that technical talks over reforms would begin on Wednesday.

“There has been no time wasted, not by the Greek government….We were very speedy.”

he defined , answering to Mr. Dijsselbloom’s presentation about Greece, that there are delays.  Varoufakis also insisted that the Troika’s grip on Greece was broken for ever.

“The idea of troika visits, comprising cabals of technocrats from the three institutions in lockstep walking into our ministries and trying to implement a programme which has failed … that is a thing of the past”

The Greek government has insisted it will no longer deal with the “troika”, as the three institutions have been called in a term that is now anathema for many Greeks who associate it with massive cuts in public spending, VOA wrote, empahsising that the Greek government has said it will not tolerate irksome foreign inspection visits to Athens.

eurogroup liveIn a compromise, VOA notes, Dijsselbloem said the negotiations among financial experts from Greece and the creditor institutions –the European Commission, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund — would start in Brussels on Wednesday, not in Athens as has been normal for EU bailout programs so far.

Those talks, however, would be “supported” by international teams working in Athens to obtain and check information.

Just after the meeting , the Greek government released a statement describing yesterday’s euro group as a “success”, because four key points were agreed.

These are, according to the Greek governmenet’s statement

  1. It launches the process by which the decision taken at the 20th February euro group will be enforced which is a positive step in that it marks a relaxation of the stance by the ECB towards Greece.
  2. Despite the misinformation of recent days the Greek proposals were accepted politically by the euro group.
  3. On Wednesday discussions between Greece and technical teams will begin but they will take place exclusively in Brussels and not in Athens. We remind you that the troika is a mechanism that belongs decisively to the past
  4. The institutions showed a willingness to resolve the financing problem with immediate effect.

Yianis Vatoufakis dancing rebetiko in “Eurogroup Tavern” , humorous clip art created for the critical Eurogroup of February 16, 2015, by Pitsirikos blog


Euronews reported a senior Greek government’s officer’s statement in Brussels, just after the eurogroup  saying that

The Greek government will continue enriching the list of reforms with additional proposals that it will elaborate on. The reforms will be part of a National Plan for Reconstruction and Growth.”

Varoufakis didn’ t miss the chance to clear things up  by heavily criticising part of the international  the media, over reports that he’d threatened a Greek referendum if creditors don’t accept his plans. Pure press misinformation, he declared.

I m shocked with the amount of attempts to paraphrase any single word or statement from my side. A journalist that asks a hypothetical question, insisting on it,  and then launches the answer on this hypothetical question as a statement  especially   It is such a pitty that credible media of the world have become so has reached the lowest level of journalism,

Yianis Varoufakis said in Brussels, explainig step by step how Corriere de la Siera announced to the world that the Greek government is going to elections or a referrendeum about the euro , and characterised irresponsible quite some articles and publications for Greece.

It needs true sceince to debunk misinformation about Greece's battles in Eurozone

It needs true science to debunk misinformation about Greece’s battles in Eurozone

The new left-wing Greek government, keen to show voters it is keeping election promises to break with EU-imposed austerity, has tried patience among its EU peers by arguing over the form and venue for detailed talks required to establish its needs and whether it has met conditions the creditors have set on reforms, the Voice of America article, early Wednesday morning wrote.

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