This is the spinning technique, perfectly applied on the modern Europe-Greece war

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The battle of numbers, the quarrel of words, the conflict of the images and the hassle of values: these are the four ingredients of the contemporary  Eurozone-Greece war stories that aim to transform the economic and financial compromises won by Syriza in Brussels to a political defeat.

Following a televised debate in 1984 in which Ronald Reagan had been dominated by rival Walter Mondale, Reagan’s adviser, Lee Atwater, said:

“Now we go out and we’ll rotate more” (spin this afterward).

This suite was the “debate about the debate” that has now become as important in the presidential campaigns as the debate itself, which finally allowed Reagan, through intense campaign of “spinning”, to be finally recognized winner.

This is such a spinning campaign that we are witnessing since the agreement of February 20, 2015 between the Eurogroup and the new Greek goernment, says the article of  “Greece against Europe: war stories” chapter of the article Christian Salmon, ex Director of the Le Monde  ..

Find the article here 

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