Hey, Germany! We are all now ‘Zorbas the Greeks’ !!!….


Like a toxic poison targeted to wither any healthy cell of a remained,-destroyed,-garden before it can breathe, Germany enjoyed showing once again its hideous face to Greece, and shamelessly to the whole world.

As like envying whatever human hope means, or any single relief smile, the latest  Germany’s approach to the poor Greeks managed, indeed, to freeze our hearts on the last days, mainly by shocking the Greek folk , and also some millions other Europeans, of what European solidarity does not, finally, mean .

Yes, we can dream . Yes, it took us only some hours and a couple of days to look with hope our world and the sky, despite the gangrenous degenerative disease which brought the loans and scandals to the tiny Greece, imposing thourougly the shade of a tiggerish sudden death.

But we didn’t die after five years as a nation, even if some thousands Greeks did. From hunger, or from daily, constant anxiousness for main survival needs, despair for watching their lives ruined, and basically from the haircut of our hope.

It is the extremely critical day today, depended on the Germany’s will to be more or less mean. More or less humanitarian, let’s say towards the of a country and a folk as a whole, who basically ask for some care of the soul of the common Greek, who is , the common European of today and tomorrow, asTsipras and his government insist to remind.

kathari deyteraZEIMPEKIKOEVDO

But if you make a walk around the cities of Greece, especially today, that we celebradate traditionally the Clean Monday, you will see quite a lot of Greeks dancing. Indians call it the dance of the rain, – “and they keep dancing and praying util it rains…”-. We Greeks call it syrtaki, Zibeikiko , or whatever you name it .

But sure, it will remind you the Zorba the Greek, a brilliant New Europe article wrote . Indeed, the attitude of the Greeks is now very similar to that of Alexis Zorbas who was happily dancing while watching his house burning. When he was asked why he was so happy, dancing while his house was in flames, he said, “I have never seen such a catastrophe in my life.”

This is the way the Greeks feel now and instead of trying to make them change their attitude, it would be better to realize that at this point the Greeks do not care less what may happen to them or to Europe and thus, intelligent Europeans, should work for damage control.

     Zorba the greek (2)Have a look on the polls, and you may get a good idea of what this kind of Greek psychosynthesis might mean :

73% of Greeks today consider Alexis Tsipras as the  most appropriate  Prime Minister , and only a 12% cosnider as that Antonis Samaras ( who according to the “well-cooked” pre-election polls was coming by far The most appropriate on polls, up to the last moment before the election that brought Alexis’ smashing success), according to latest poll announced yesterday, and published by the Newspaper Avgi.

80 percent of the Greeks approve they way the Greek government deals with the lenders, EU, IMF and ECB, according to an earlier, public opinion poll which was conducted on 12-17 February, in the time period SYRIZA was negotiating with the Eurogroup partners, and one day after Greece rejected the Dijsselbloem draft on February 16th 2015..

  • 81% considers the image of the new government in dealing with lenders as “positive”, 11% as “negative”.
  • 75% has a ‘positive opinion’ for Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis.
  • 86% of Greeks have a “feeling of “national pride”, 13% do not.
  • 64% thinks “the country in in the right direction”, 20% think “country in the wrong direction”. Before the elections ‘right direction” was 21% and 74% “wrong direction”.
  • 49% considers that the economic situation “will get better” and 15% “will get worse”. Before the elections the figures were 17% and 39% respectively.
  • 83% reject the Memorandum of Understanding (bailout program). 6% favors the MoU for the debt repayment
  • 79% asks from the government “to make a deal with lenders to pay back smaller part of the debt.”
Andreas Papandreou,  the beloved Prime Minister of the Greeks, 1981-1995, dancing a Zembekiko in style of Alexis Zorbas. Thryllic event on the media by that times ...( not even color tv did not exist)

Andreas Papandreou, the beloved Prime Minister of the Greeks, 1981-1995, dancing a Zembekiko in style of Alexis Zorbas. Thryllic event on the media by that times …( not even color tv did not exist)

  • 82% have negative opinion for Germany:

Merkel 82% “negative”/ 16% “positive”,

Schaeuble 81% “negative”/ 15% “positive”.

  • USA 51%,
  • Russia 68%,
  • France 61%
  • Barack Obama 72%
  • Vladimir Putin 70%

    traditional fest of Clean Monday, Athens, 1950

    traditional fest of Clean Monday, Athens, 1950

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