Greece’s demand on Germany’s World WarII dept “rebuffed” , the German Press wrote


Germany rejects WWII Reparations, but Greece has a €162-billion argument

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias took the Greek claim of  World War II Reparation from Germany in his jacket pocket when he visited Berlin for talks with his counterpart Frank-Walter Steinmeier on Tuesday.

“In my inside pocket, I’ve got that part of the speech from the prime minister who addressed the issue (of reparations),” Kotzias said putting one hand into his jacket, during a joint press conference with Steinmaier.

Greek FM was immediately rebuked by German FM.

“We are firmly convinced that all reparations issues, including forced loans, are judicially settled once-and-for-all,” Steinmaier replied after having said that Berlin was fully aware of its political and moral responsibility for the “terrible events” in Greece between 1941 and 1944 when Nazi German troops occupied Greece


Greek Foreign Minister Takes War Reparations Claim to Berlin, Gets Rebuffed

Greek Foreign Minister Takes War Reparations Claim to Berlin, Gets Rebuffed
The Greek foreign minister took his government’s claim for World War Two reparations direct to Berlin on Tuesday and received a clear rebuke from his German counterpart. On Sunday, Greece’s new leftist Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, in his first major speech to parliament, ruled out any extension of its 240 billion Euro international bailout and pledged to seek war reparations from Germany.

Germany owes Greece a debt

Since June Germany’s ducking of the war reparations issue makes its attitude to the current Greek debt crisis somewhat hypocritical
What is truly strange, however, is the brevity of Germany’s collective memory,  the article empahsized.

Having footed the resulting massive bill, after the second world war the Americans imposed the London debt agreement of 1953 on their allies, an exercise in debt forgiveness to Germany on the most generous terms.
Tspiras, a former Communist, lost no time after his election victory in laying flowers at a memorial near Athens where dozens of Greek leftists were executed by German occupation troops in 1944.

Nearly 70 years after the end of World War II, the question of reparations has lost legitimacy,” a German finance ministry spokesman said recently.

The issue of wartime reparation claims over Germany’s four-year occupation of Greece, which ruined the country financially and left thousands dead, has complicated relations between Athens and Berlin for decades.

Greece’s occupation by the Nazis from 1941 was one of the most bloody in Europe, with Hitler’s forces rampaging, pillaging and shooting, and encountering a nation that fiercely resisted., The AFP  reminded on February 7 th, 2015


Just before German reunification in 1990, the two former Germanys signed a treaty with the Allies, considered as the formal end of World War II.

Although the document, which was approved by Greece among others, was not officially termed a peace treaty, for Berlin it effectively drew a line under possible future claims for war reparations.

Not so, though, for former resistance icon Manolis Glezos, who has been pressing for Germany to settle up for decades.

The issue has a “political and moral dimension”, says the nonagenarian who, at the age of 18, took down the Nazi flag from atop the Acropolis.


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