Furious answer to the German Defence Minister by the Greek DM “Greece remains committed to NATO, despite close ties with Russia”


Obviously displeased answered Athens to the German Denfense Minister’s provocative comments

It was a sharp response of the Greek Defense minister Panos Kammenos to his German counterpart’s comment  of “Greeece jeopardizing its position in NATO by approaching Russian interests.”

“Greece has always been on the side of the Allies when they fought back German occupation armies … The behavior and statements of German politicians, which seem to wish to replace NATO and EU officials, are not only disallowed but approach blackmail”, was Panos Kammenos comment

Kammenos also blamed German DM Ursula von der Leyen for trying to “undermine European institutions, part of German aims to break apart the EU and NATO”.

Though, he added, “Greece is unwilling to replace Germany in its privileged relations with Russia”.

On Wednesday, February 4th,Defence Minister Panos Kammenos told AFP that Greece’s new government remains committed to its NATO role despite close ties with Russia…

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