Greece so Greek to me !



We ve been through some practical difficulties lately by Greek2m in Greece, but in the harsh austerity times we ‘re experiencing in this country, these difficulties, -among them cybersafety-, are common and expected.

Greek to me ! classic edition on can also now be found on and We did our best to keep the content and connectivity of our site, for you and the cyberworld,  as safe as possible.

But, as well, we have been expanded throughout the social media world, in lots of Greek2m versions, so as to let you find us wherever a Greek to me ! comment can be made .

Go to the About page , clicking the button upfront and right on this Page, and you can find all the connectivity of Greek2m presence on social networking.

Meanwhile we ask for you understanding, since we need a couple of days to fully update our news publications, as has been for the one year of its life .

Greek to me! is a social media project, aiming to provide in the most effective way,the safety and health safety information a foreigner has to have, in order to enjoy Greece at most.

The last, is our passion . We wil attempt to offer you bits and shots of  the Greek happiness cocktail, that charms everyone who visits this place from the very first moments.

We’ll keep teasing you …

Please , feel free to send us , especially photos , and comments, of greek happy moments , that’s what greek2m viral is for .

Love Greece, with us

Greek to me !


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